• Virtual Office – are you geared for this?
    We are experiencing a rapid move to online meetings, working from home and flying solo in performing our day-to-day tasks. But are we geared for this? Do we have the home setup that […]
  • I Dare (you) to Dream
    When we were young, we played the game – what do you want to be when you grow up… We would lie on our backs, looking at clouds, dreaming up the most amazing […]
  • Freelance Professionals during Lockdown – a Poll’s Results
    What started out as a curiosity question, turned out to be a very insightful exercise. I wish to share the results with those who participated, but also those who are interested to know […]
  • A Basket of Skills
    Growing up I took great interest in my dad’s hobby of making ‘potjiekos’. Potjiekos is a traditional South African stew prepared on the fire with a 3-leg black steal pot, prepared slowly over […]
  • How do I respond
    By now, every person on earth is aware of, feels the impact of, and fear the realities of “the life after” the Coronavirus pandemic. I wrote the following content on June 26th, 2019, […]
  • What if it is no longer ‘Business as Usual’…
    What if we are better off after the current Corona Virus pandemic? What if our world got rid of all the unnecessary noises? What if our children managed to received hands-on life-integration skills […]
  • Doors are still open…
    Creatividad Consulting is still open for business during the lock down. Although physical contact is not possible, they are still running their services offering online service options. For their discounted offering for South […]
  • A Controversial Optimist
    Yes, I am living in the reality of a once in a lifetime global disaster. I am staying home to save lives as millions of others in this and other countries worldwide. Yes, […]
  • The Innovative Entrepreneur
    A couple of decades ago one of my friends was frustrated because she was not able to make an appointment with her favorite hairdresser for her quarterly foil hair-color treatment. There was too […]
  • What is coming?
    4th industrial revolution The Fourth Industrial Revolution builds on previous revolutions, which began in the 18th century (First Industrial Revolution) with the invention of the steam engine. The Second Industrial Revolution used electricity […]
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution asks for New Skills
    Technological development – where do we come from? It was only in 1990 that the 1st website was developed and ‘distributed’ over a ‘distributing network’.  Children today can’t imagine a world without technology, […]