What if it is no longer ‘Business as Usual’…

What if we are better off after the current Corona Virus pandemic? What if our world got rid of all the unnecessary noises? What if our children managed to received hands-on life-integration skills that no school curriculum could teach them? What if working from home for some staff-roles proves to be more effective? What if we come out on the other side with a better life philosophy on the value of things, services, sectors, politics, people, and life in general?

I am not taking away anything from this global crisis or the impact it has on human lives, the economy or our health systems (& health workers), the poor and needy without sufficient food security – or anything other aspects (public or personal) that affects even ONE person… I acknowledge that being able to address all of this is FIRST priority! I am talking about AFTER ALL OF THIS IS DONE… When we start to settle down with the new realities created due to our current reality.

Have you calculated the pros and cons yet? For yourself, your family, your community, your economic status, your country, the world? Even if you were only focused on or able to identify the cons at this stage, at least you know that this pandemic affected you – basically everybody alive today! I guess that if you are able to identify the cons by now, you might have settled in your mind somehow that the impact of this current situation, will be felt for many months or year to come.

Maybe, when you feel ready, you should also try to dream up some of the consequential pros. Although it might not feel as if there is ANY of those at this stage, you cannot stay focused only on the problem. This will not only keep your thoughts in a downward spiral, it might also prevent you from staying focused on moving forward. Because we all need to put the one foot in front of the other.

One of my favorite movies is The Best Exotic Merigold Hotel. Dev Patel is a British Actor playing the role of Sonny Kapoor, running the Merigold Hotel in India – a decrepit hotel, but with his creativity and ability to sell sand in the Sahara, he is able to fill up the ‘rooms’ with seven British tourists who went to Jaipur on holiday. Please watch the movie – or even buy it to add to your collection. There is even a follow up called The Second Best Exotic Merigold Hotel.

Sonny’s positive approach to life seems to be the only principle he lives by! Why am I telling you about Sonny and his principles? With every challenge, dead-end, or crisis, Sonny always quiets any critique with the saying: “Everything will be alright in the end. So if it is not alright, it is not yet the end.”.

As you can guess, the guests did not get what they expected or paid for or wanted from their holiday. One of the guests whose husband recently passed away and she went there with a long-term plan, had to find a job to be able to survive financially, at some stage says: “It is a new and different world. The challenge is to cope with it. And not just cope, but thrive! I got a job! My first ever!”

Maybe currently you feel a bit like this? Maybe you have a couple of children’s eyes watching you, looking up to you for guidance on how to not only cope with what must be a very uncertain and challenging time for them but also to thrive. Maybe you have a spouse without any income due to job loss or for being self-employed and not able to contribute to necessary expenses due to the lockdown. Maybe you are single and unemployed – due to your company not able to pay you anymore or due to not being able to work, or due to other reasons. It might be temporary, longterm, or permanent.

Whatever your context, the ‘cons’ that became your life-reality can be devastating.

If you need to list 1 thing from this pandemic’s realities that can be seen as a benefit, what would it be? The other day we had somebody at our home for a small repair (essential service guy). Before he left, he made a comment that really hit home and allowed me to take inventory of the obvious benefits I did not allow to acknowledge to myself. He said that it is the first time in his adult life that he and his parents (locked down together) had the opportunity to spend days-on-end to have conversations, get to know each other again, eat a proper meal together, not relying on the ‘luxury’ of drive-through instant fast foods and were able to use the time at hand to really rest.

In fact there were a couple of these ‘wise-moments’ over the past couple of weeks that helped me to create an alternative perspective on the situation. somebody posted this image:

Remember Solly from earlier? The opening scene of the movie is a VERY close up shot of the bum of an elephant walking… Solly’s first words of the movie is: “If you are not on the front elephant, the scenery never changes”.

What if you need to re-invent your self, or create an income or want to prevent future similar financial constraints and want to start a side hustle. Perhaps you want to take this opportunity to follow a long-forgotten dream. Maybe you have time to refocus your life’s purpose and become more productive and focused on what is really important to you.

We will not return to the world as we know it after lock down… Not in our country and not in the global world. We will live in a forever changed world. Or do you want to stay on the 2nd or 3rd elephant and have the same view, simply going back without any new skills, focus, or purpose.

Why not do something of value with your time – while you have a bit more of it to yourself?

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Whatever your approach to the remaining time during the lock down, make it count. Maybe the ‘world as we know it’ may be gone, but maybe – just MAYBE – there is a brand new, better life waiting – even if only in your own context!

What if you are better off after the current Corona Virus pandemic? What if you got rid of unnecessary noises? What if your children managed to received hands-on life-integration skills that no school curriculum could teach them? What if working from home or for yourself proves to be more effective? What if you come out on the other side with a better life philosophy on the value of things, services, sectors, politics, people, and life in general?

What if we like the world we are about to create for ourselves, our family, our community, our country, our existence as a global community…