Virtual Office – are you geared for this?

We are experiencing a rapid move to online meetings, working from home and flying solo in performing our day-to-day tasks. But are we geared for this? Do we have the home setup that can support these requirements?

By now you might have been involved in at least one online meeting, being it through Zoom, Teams, or other online platforms available. You might like it or not, but this is going to be the norm for quite a while – even when you return to work, it might be months or even up to a year that some staff members might not be able to work from the office – at risk individuals due to their age or medical conditions.

In South Africa, we are already on Day 51 of lockdown. This implies that if you are able to work from home, you already had to work from a virtual / home office setting for 33 work days. So how did it go so far?

Complete these couple of questions to assess your current home office setup and where you might need to assist yourself to set it up for more effective functioning.